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Come see why we have so many repeat customers!!!!!

Why waste your time at a place that just has ONE HAND FULL of boring tan cat condos when you can stop by and see a few hundred in one spot and take home something completely unique and professionally built for about HALF of what a retail store would charge.

I have over 225 items to choose from. You will NOT find anyone with a better selection. PERIOD. Not at any store, shop, or other vendor. These Cat Condos are all very well made with quality carpet and lumber, most are priced from $5-$135 for the 1-6 foot tall ones and $195-$275 for 7 and 9 footers. I also have some 5 foot and smaller for $95 and less.

Come by and check out THREE HUGE TRUCK LOADS!!!

Keep in mind, not only are these for your beloved cats, they are part of the furnishings of your home. You want something that looks unique, so unique they will be a conversation piece in your house. Your friends and family will look at and be able to tell that you picked a quality piece that looks like it was made especially for you by professionals, not something that looks like your child threw together as a last minute wood shop ‘class project’. You know what I’m talking about: crooked legs, funky looking mismatched carpet that looks like it was found while ‘dumpster diving’, little trinkets randomly glued on here and there for no apparent reason, something that almost tips over when your cats jumps up on it because the base is too small for the height….. I think you get my drift, don’t buy some thing you would be embarrassed to have in your home. If you buy a bad piece elsewhere your cats are sure to try and bury in the cat-box while you’re away at work, they have pride too, ya know….

Others claim they can make different colors (you would have to wait while they found that colored carpet , and who knows HOW LONG might that take…) but if you see what they have in their inventory you will not see anything pre-made. I have all of the standard neutral colors AND many other colors as well. The colors vary every week.

If the one you want will not fit in your vehicle, NO PROBLEM, for a just couple extra bucks (depending on distance) I can deliver it and set it up in your home for you. You wont have to lift a finger except to write down the address where you would like it delivered to.

Please have something to write our address down on when you call. Frequently we get multiple calls simultaneously and can’t get them all at once so please speak slowly and clearly when leaving your phone number, or just call us back in a few minutes. Thanks, CoolCatCondos.